Get To Know Us

Entertainment has become the need of the hour. With a mad rush to get the routine work done during the day, the weekend and holidays must be reserved for something out of the ordinary. A time must be allocated for just having fun and being merry. There are a lot of reasons why a good break is the need of the day. You can not only get away from regular life, but you can get back to it with a clear head and a different perspective.

We are a company that not only respects your desire to be carefree and joyous; we come with a solution as well. We provide you with a venue and everything else that you need to just let your hair down and let go of your inhibitions. We have a very good idea about what you need to get away from the monotonous life. We cater to different types of adventure. Be it a play or a theatre, or some gambling; spa treatment or a food fest; we have it all.

When you get to know us, you will realize that we an indoor amusement and entertainment part for adults. Most of the fun comes from gambling. Apart from that, there are musical shows, shopping centers, games and elaborate themes that bring out the fun side of just about anyone. Our lavish hotels are here to provide you with a place that is pure pampering. We cater to all your needs and whims and ensure that when you leave, it will be with a feeling that you have had one of the best times of your life. That is what we want you to know about us. We aim to please you.

Give us a call, book a weekend with us and you are in a world of fun and pleasure.